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Vila Nova de Gaia
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Vila Nova de Gaia

The city of Vila Nova de Gaia, commonly known to the locals as "Gaia", is an independent city on the other side of the river.  Reached by one of the 4 bridges, but most commonly by Dom Louis I, it is a quieter more residential area but in practice part of the greater Porto city area.

With a open quay to the river very much like the Riberia Quayside on the Porto side it is a great place to walk, to dine, to drink and to view across the river to the old city itself as well as view the barcos rabelo or traditional boats.

As well as for the dining and photographic opportunities many people also visit Gaia in order to visit some of the many Port wine warehouses that have been converted now into showrooms with tours explaining the history and selection of wines.

However there are more things also which can be done or seen in Gaia if you will venture beyond the quayside.

  • Zoo Santo Inacio -  The best zoological gardens in the country the Zoo is open from 10am until 7pm ever day of summer, closing at 5pm in the winter.  There is an entrance fee of 12 Euros for an adult and 7.50 Euros for children. website
  • Parque Biológico de Gaia - A protected ecological landscape with a nature trail and visitors information.  website
  • Capela do Senhor da Pedra - A photogenic Chapel built on a stone outcrop at the beach this is a great place to visit for photography or to enjoy some family time at the sea. At high tide you will get your feet wet when visiting!
  • Jardim do Morro
  • Casa-Museu de Teixeira Lopes
  • Emboscada Parque Aventura