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How to get to Porto

From Manchester to Porto

The strong connection between the North of England and the North of Portugal has strong historic roots, and today we continue to see our distant cousins from Lancaster and Manchester visiting our fair city, as we welcome them with open arms, a glass of wine and some fresh seafood!

The best way to make the connection is by Air with the flight being a little over 5 hours and there are choices of TAP, Lufthanasa and FlyBE available. Each one has at least one stop though such as Amsterdam for KLM, or Frankfurt for Lufthansa.  We would recommend flying TAP via Lisbon so you can commence your Portuguese experience when you first board!


From Paris to Porto

Flying from Paris to Porto is an easy direct trip and the best option, for although trains tips are possible they involve multiple trains with changes and only the French section is by TGV offering the highest speed and comfort.  If you wish to take a 24 hour train trip then this is a good chance to do so, but for the majority of visitors from Paris a flight is the best connection.


From Madrid to Porto

Regular train service between Madrid and Porto, going on to Lisbon, are available but with limited frequency, about 3 times a day depending on the season.  The total trip from the spanish city to Porto is 9 hours as the rail connections are not high speed.

Coach trips from Spain into Portugal are also available, however most of these go directly to Lisbon and the selection going via Porto is more restricted.


From Lisbon to Porto

The train trip takes about three hours and arrives at the Campanha Train Station which handles southerly trains into the city.  Check out the official site which has schedules here.

For those who do not like trains then coach and bus services also exist, they run up to 9 times a day and details can be found on their site here