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Francesinha Sandwich

It might seem strange that our city's most famed food is a sandwich, but along with the other foods of Porto it has been taken to new heights of taste and sensation, and is one of the things that must never be missed when visiting us!

Unlike our equally famed Custard Tarts the "Little Frenchie" sandwich or Francesinha is a relatively modern invention being only 50 years old, and not 150 like the tarts.  However it's rapid spread through the city and the country has shown how special it is.


With layers of egg, meat, bread, sausage and most important of all the "special sauce" which is unique to each restaurant this is a hearty and filling meal eaten with knife and fork, often served with French fries.

The one common factor in the sauce is that all are made with beer, but the other ingredients are up to each chef to create their own interpretation.  Try several different types when you are in our city to see the similarities yet common features.