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Dining in Porto

Distinctive foods of the city and the region:

  • Linguiça - A smoked and air dried cured pork sausage distinctive to Portugal that is particularly good here in Porto. It is used as the basis for many important dishes including our unique Francesinha sandwich. If you are self-catering while in the city then consider buying one of the sausages yourself and finding out how it can be used in so many different ways. Any delicatessen will be able to offer you a wide range of choices, some are of course much finer than others depending on the source of ingredients and the aging, though all have the distinctive taste of Porto.


  • Pastel de nata - These caramelized Portuguese custard tarts are recognized all over the Portuguese speaking world, and have variants in many related countries. But it is in Porto that you find the original and distinctive style, sweet and not too sweet, flakey pastry that melts in the mouth, and a hint of bitterness from the caramelized topping. Every baker in the city will offer these, but look for the freshest and most flakey with spots of dark caramel.  Most locals will take the time to go to Nata Lisboa, on Rua Santa Catarina, who have been baking for as long as anybody can remember. website


  • Caldo verde - A distinctive soup of the region, it is naturally Green as the name says. The major restaurants will all offer their version, of course each is slightly different but they Follow the basic recipe in common which has collard greens, potatoes, olive oil and salt. Various meats are added or included including the chourico or linguica sausages. Often eaten at special events like parties or weddings it can also be enjoyed in a restaurant as a starter.


  • Cod - Being on the Atlantic the fish have always been an important part of the diet and the cuisine in Porto, and Codfish is our favorite type of fish.  You'll find it fresh, salted, whole and flitted, in every combination. Bacalhau a Lagareiro is a favorite but try many of the others you will find offered.


  • Cozido - Literally meaning simply "cooked" this rustic stew originated from the region and is found on every authentic menu and features Beef and pork as well as various preserved meats such as sausages. Usually served with red wine and plenty of olive oil. It is accompanied with beans and rice for a rich filling meal that will keep you full for the rest of the day.