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We extend our sincere thanks to the many talented visitors to Porto who have photographed it in all the glory and made creative images of the city and of the river available for use via Creative Commons license.  Here are the details of the images which have been used in this site.

Top left header - 4646008666_ee4d4f2ea3_o.jpg,, zoutedrop

Left side bar - 326347664_46be2b7d8a_o.jpg,, Andy / Andrew Fogg

Index bottom left, Riberia - 8730083140_68e91317df_o.jpg,, Thomas Guillem

Index bottom middle - 5834049877_aabff5442c_o.jpg,, Ken and Nyetta

Index bottom right - 5834038395_8239431ebf_o.jpg,, Ken and Nyetta

Foods right image - 6265646485_d2034ae2cb_o.jpg,, Caroline

Francesinha main image - 4563947986_76883d7736_o.jpg,, crystalmartel

The North, Park image - 2425966806_ef9d30cee6_o.jpg,, José Antonio Gil Martínez

Mercado do Bolhao, spiral staircase - 7023284201_c812508cc8_o.jpg,, Jose Carlos Machado